A duelist has many diffrent paths in thier life and at one point they must make a decsion at a CrossRoad.
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 vulpix bingo book results

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PostSubject: vulpix bingo book results   Thu Jul 11, 2013 3:12 pm

Everyone is evaluated according to the bingo sheet :3

18/20 Power

10/10 deck efficiency

10/10 deck knowledge

18/20 rulings

20/20 discipline

15/20 control/tact for losing one duel

91/100 0-50 (e-rank) 51-60 (d-rank) 61-70 (c-rank) 71-80 (b-rank) 81-90 (a rank) 91-100 (s-rank)
A rank awsome job kep up the good work!
~sakura petals falling in the wind~
must have a b rank or better to advance a rank
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vulpix bingo book results
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