A duelist has many diffrent paths in thier life and at one point they must make a decsion at a CrossRoad.
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 New explantion of missions and rank up

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PostSubject: New explantion of missions and rank up   Wed Jul 10, 2013 2:37 pm

OK evveryone since everyone is wondering im gonna post how rank ups and missions are going to work here.
First you have to pass you Aacadmy Test with a C rank or higher this shows that you are ready to be a full Nnja in our academy. After you are then allowed to take on mission that myself or other members have posted. uoFor myself and other admins posting of a Mission is free , however for anyoe else posting a mission will cost 300 ryo. Ryo and Ninja points are earned by completing missions. Missions are specialized dueling testes with set rules and objectives that the Client (person who posted) sets. Depending on the difficultu of the mission and how well you rank on it, you will recieve Ninja points which are used to take on harder missions, and once you aquire enough to take a rank up test to get promoted to your next Ninja rank.A total of 500 N.P.( Ninja Points) are required to take a Rank up test.
Thank you everone for listening to me
~Sakura petals falling in the wind~
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New explantion of missions and rank up
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